Lisa Germain, DDS, MScD

Endodontist ● Educator ● Podcaster ● Artist

Meet Dr. Germain

Dr. Lisa Germain is a Board Certified Endodontic Specialist who has maintained a private practice in New Orleans Louisiana since 1984. In addition, she is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, a Fellow of the Misch Institute for Implantology, and serves as Clinical Director as well as Dean of Continuing Education for DC Dental Company.

Her publications have appeared in multiple journals, she lectures nationally and internationally and maintains membership and board positions in numerous dental organizations. Due to Dr. Germain’s unique combination of skills, she is considered a leading world expert in the differential diagnosis and treatment of odontogenic and non-odontogenic pathology as well as head, neck, and facial pain.


Dr. Germain’s This Old Tooth podcast has a library of nearly 50 episodes (and growing!) offering agenda-free advice for all your dental health care questions.

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Santa Claus has been so busy all year preparing for Christmas that he has missed his regular dental check-ups.  As he is loading the gifts onto his sleigh on Christmas Eve, he begins to get a toothache.  Thinking that the pain would just go away by itself, he sets off on his journey because he doesn’t want to disappoint all the kids who have been good all year.  As the night gets colder and longer and Santa eats more sweets, his tooth hurts so much he is ready to quit. Can Santa continue his journey?  Will this be the year that the children wake up to find that there is nothing under their tree?  Find out what happens when Santa Claus gets a toothache on Christmas Eve.

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